Human Health

Healing for Humans

Nutritional Therapy

These consist of weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly or monthly sessions to help you get on track to better health. Listen, we all have bad habits. The thing is to learn to keep those bad habits in moderation while learning & acquiring healthier habits that hopefully will replace those bad ones. We also can look at any health issues you might be having & find nutritional ways to help support your body so it can function optimally. Thus, helping your body to heal itself! Very often, it is quite necessary to use supplementation to assist our bodies in getting to where they need to be. I try very hard to keep them as minimal as possible, but so often, it took us years to get to the point we’re at & supplements will allow us to get healthier faster than nutrition alone.

In person Session – price (paypal button)
60-90 minutes

Distance Session – price (paypal button)
60-90 minutes

Reiki based Intuitive Healing
(let me do later. Too long to write up. I have something somewhere…..)

A reiki session combined with other healing techniques that I’m trained in. Reiki allows Universal or Life Force Energy to flow through the practitioner and into & around the client.

In person Session – price (pp)
60 minutes

Distance Session – price (pp)
60 minutes

Body Scan & Healing

Most popular distance session! It’s an intuitive scan of the body identifying energetic imbalances, followed up by Reiki based healing to align chakras & “reboot” your system!!! Afterwards, you’ll get a follow up phone call to discuss findings of the session, as well as exercises & suggestions to help you thrive!

Distance Only – price (pp)
120-180 minutes

Hair Analysis