Hi there! I’m Krizten!
Yeah, this is the hard part. Who am I & what exactly do I do? Good question?!! It was my sick cat Keiffer who helped escort me to where I am now. He basically had one of those illnesses that no one could figure out what it was or where it came from. A friend came over to give him a Reiki session, he loved it—-I got certified in Reiki & he lived another 18 months! From there, it just blew up! Reiki opened my intuition tenfold. I practiced Reiki for a year without charging. I wanted be sure that I really had a feel for it. What I realized, was that I had quite the knack for it, so I decided to start a business. From there, I just sorta expanded & expanded & seem to keep expanding………

Areas I’m trained in include Silva Method, Shamanish, Peruvian Shamanish, Matrix Energetix, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Remote Viewing, Mediumship (including platform work), animal communication, Muscle Testing, Nutritional therapy, Tissue Mineral Analysis (hair analysis for humans & animals), Morphogenic Field Technique (modified muscle testing for nutritional imbalances) & Essential Oils.